Доброго времени суток!...

Виталий, 07 апреля 2016
Доброго времени суток! Подскажите, возможно ли использовать емкость для септика для хранения воды для бытовых, хозяйственных нужд. Есть объект, где вода привозная, и ее нужно хранить под землей во избежании замерзания.
Добрый день, Виталий. Спасибо за обращение. Хранение воды в емкости под септик возможно, но данная продукция не проходила сертификация для питьевой воды.
Thank you very very much !!! After wasting 3 days of my live trying to make this debugger work your post was the sheet anchor. I thought i made all possible cotogiuranifns but yours i certainly missed.
Happy New Year, and Happy Fifth Birthday to your Big Girl!I do like the idea of starting fresh each year, but also – I learned and stretched and grew so much in 2011, yes in painful ways and this is a year I am GLAD to see ending, but I do not want to let go of the lessons learned and the growth gained this year.But deetiinfly no baggage, no dwelling on failures (or even past triumphs), no wallowing in the past. We are moving forward!
As usual on a saturday morning,I was turning the pages in the Star and to my surprised I saw your column.I hope that this time you will last more than 37 weeks but I doubted it. Unless you change the way you write by not criticising the govt inricedtly,I predict that Porn STAR Chua Soi Lek will SACK you in 4 weeks which mean that you will have only 3 weeks left.Good luck in your business undertaking.
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