Добрый день. Можно ли...

Аида, 07 апреля 2016
Добрый день.
Можно ли использовать- Бак д/воды ATV-1000 B (черный) с поплавком -для дачного душа и полива
Добрый день, Аида. Спасибо за обращение. Да можно.
Hi Jaime … To answer your qu;3tionsRs0eI don’t use pencils at all and colors reproduce equally well as far as I can tell. You can have fun using any you like and even make up your own! Usually when you see my art, especially in all of my books, it was painted to that exact size. I can enlarge it later, or reduce it for other uses, such as calendars, fabric or cards, but the books are printed with the art just as it was painted. I was 39 when my first book came out . . . you have plenty of time! Good luck!

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